Dad Squad: Fall Favorites

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From Beef:

Now that Fall is here, what do you look forward to most this season and why?

Besides the weather, two events are my favorite, Halloween with my girls, and my birthday where I have my party at 6am in the morning.

What is a favorite Fall memory you have?  (Either from your childhood or past years with your kids.)

Honestly, every Halloween is my favorite. Not just for my daughters joy in dressing up, carving pumpkins, and getting candy. But last year I realize the importance in trick or treating as a night to give to strangers, and be a part of your community. I have seen lonely old women waiting by the door, just hoping somebody can walk up so they can see the joy on a childs face, and many talk about their cats for a couple minutes. I realize this last year, and it brought a tear to my eye. A modern Halloween incorporates many of the same values as Christmas does to many. This is why it is my favorite holiday.

From Alex:

Each year my family looks forward to Halloween it is an event that we can all participate in from getting costumes together to passing out candy it's always a way for all of us to take part in one activity.

Halloween is great because I have memories with both the kids and my wife, when the kids were little it was always exciting to walk with them down the street for blocks and blocks as they say trick or treat, as they got older we all have fun brainstorming our costumes usually with the theme and dressing up as a family.

Veronica and I have a lot of fun after the kids Halloween we usually have an adult Halloween party to attend and it's always a lot of fun to dress up and enjoy some adult time.