Amazon hiring thousands of Valley workers for holiday season

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Amazon is getting ready for the holiday rush by hiring 80,000 temporary workers.

Thousands of those jobs will be right here in the Valley. The company has four fulfillment centers that employees will work out of.

"I just was really excited to come and work for a company like this because I hear they have good benefits and everything else," said Somer O'Brien, who applied for the seasonal work.

Eager for orientation, O'Brien says she's been looking for work for nearly a year.

"Oh my God, it was really tough," she said, "I haven't really had anything steady since last November."

The company recently announced a need for employees this holiday season. Stephanie Hodge says the positions pay as much as $11.75 an hour.

"They start out at a good wage so that you can pay your bills and do a little extra things rather than just working to just pay bills," Hodge said.

Amazon representatives say the jobs could become full-time opportunities with benefits that include education compensation. Eager employees says that's an attractive package.

"I'm like excited and nervous at the same time to finally start working, meet some new people here and hopefully have a great time here," said new hire Eudardo Bello.

Potential employees are encouraged to fill out the application immediately. Applicants can apply online at