John Frieda Salon How to achieve the latest celebrity styles at home

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Celebrity stylist Giles Robinson has it all…an incomparable talent, effortless creativity and a magnetic personality that has earned him a stellar reputation throughout the hair industry.  In this segment, Giles demonstrates special new hairstyles for the fall using popular celebrity trends as inspiration. He also shows an interesting new approach to coloring roots using Color Wow products.  As protégé to world-renowned hair stylist John Frieda, Robinson has learned from the best.  At the start of his now 14-year career, Robinson was handpicked by Frieda to work with him at major editorial shoots, press events and product education seminars.  Under Frieda’s tutelage, Robinson has not only honed his styling skills but has also become an adept educator, brand ambassador and media representative and today is known as a “demo dynamo” in the world of international hair styling.

Frieda says “Giles is blessed with an incredible talent, but also a charm that makes him great towork with.  He has the ability to communicate complex ideas in a very easy manner.  And beyond that, I love the way he cuts hair”.

Today Robinson is a Senior Stylist at John Frieda’s prestigious UK salons, where the high-profile clientele includes royals and diplomats, as well as celebrities such as Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Sienna Miller, Scarlett Johansson, Carey Mulligan and more.  His approach to hair design is simple, straightforward and highly individualized.  His styling talent is matched by his ability to understand his clients’ point of view, fashion sensibilities and lifestyle demands, which he effortlessly integrates into his work.  This is his first appearance on Your Life A-Z, and in his own words, "It went very well!"