Ariz. business leaving over same-sex parenting rights

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- State policies that make it difficult for gay parents are costing Phoenix a business.

The co-owners of the Green Haus Boutique and Gallery at Roosevelt and Third streets have decided to shutter their business and move to a friendlier place for same sex couples who have kids.

Dayna and Cole Reed have been together for nearly a decade and were legally married in New York several years ago. They've been trying for the past three years to start a family, and Dayna recently became pregnant with the couple’s first baby. 

“We've wanted this for so long, so it's really, really exciting that's it happening right now,” said Dayna. 

“The idea that this baby is already celebrated is an understatement,” added Dayna’s wife, Cole.

But the Reeds' big news is Arizona’s economic bad news. With heavy hearts Cole and Dayna have decided to leave Arizona in order to protect their parental rights to their burgeoning family.

“[In Arizona] I would have to essentially give up my rights [as birth mother] so that Cole could adopt the baby,” explained Dayna. “Then with the biological connection and legal connection... it's just complicated and confusing.”

“And we don't want complicated and confusing because parenthood is already complicated and confusing,” Cole added with a smile.

In an effort to simplify things the couple is moving its business and unborn child to Portland, Oregon, where same sex parental rights are all inclusive. 

“Yes, we have a successful business in Phoenix, in a city that we love,” said Cole.  “But we are going to move our business. If you don't recognize me as a unit or us as a unit, you can't have my tax dollars either.

Dayna and Cole know recent court rulings could soon force Arizona to recognize same sex marriages but they say their decision is about more than being a couple -- it's about being a family.

“Ya know, it's not just being married which is, ya know, important.  It's about having rights as parents.  This baby's mine just as much as it is hers and I shouldn't have to fight for that,” said Cole.

Cole and Dayna will keep the Green Haus open until February.  They will move to Oregon and start their new business and new family in March.