Mom Squad: Healthy Habits

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From Janet: 

On nutrition: I've had alot of health issues from cancer to diabetes. I cured my diabetes by losing weight and watching every gram of carbs that goes in my mouth.  I haven't been diabetic now for 5 years, but I still test every day. I also take cinnamon every morning to keep it under control. I'm a chia seed nut to be sure my HDL and LDL stay in check.

On exercise: I have a physical job because I train and work with large dogs which is a lot in itself. I also live on 2 acres which is a lot of yard work, and on top of that, I love to swim and walk. I paid absolutely NO attention to my health until I got really sick and that was a mistake. I've spent the last three years working pretty hard at it. I did Zumba for almost 2 years and only stopped do to finances.  It was the best weight loss time I've ever had.

On motivation: I just recently joined a Facebook group of ladies who hold you accountable and I'm hoping that will remotivate me.


From Leslie: 

On nutrition: A well-balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, fish and lots of water. If I have a taste for something unhealthy, I will just have one bite. Like a bite of a snicker bar, cake, ice cream, a hamburger, or like a sip of soda. 

On exercise: I like to swim and do hot vinyasu yoga.