Mosquito surge leads to bug spray shortage

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Valley residents are swatting, scratching and just trying to keep the bugs away.

"It's just a total war," said resident Carlos Diaz, "but the mosquito is winning."

And now there is one less weapon in the fight against the flying, biting menace.

Store after store told 3TV there's no bug spray to be found, and the shelves were bare at every CVS and Walgreens pharmacy we visited or called.

"We get this question about every 10 minutes," one store representative told us when we asked for insect repellent. "We have been trying to order it, but I guess it's a Valleywide issue. We've been having a hard time stocking it."

We finally found a few cans of OFF at the Arcadia Crossing Target. The store had just received a shipment, and most of the cans were already gone.

It's no mystery why bug spray has been buzzing off the shelves.

"They're worse this season, I think, than most years because it has been so wet," said Valley resident Ann Stover.

The abundance of monsoon rain in the Valley has created the perfect conditions for a mosquito mother lode.

"I stepped out last night on the porch and they just attacked," Stover said.

Wal-Mart said it is making special orders and promises to have some kind of insect repellent in stock.