Varsity Zone's Fastest 3 Minutes for Oct 10

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By Joe Farris By Joe Farris

Welcome to the Varsity Zone’s best 3 minutes

After suffering their first loss of the season -- Coach Belles and Hamilton make the trip down Riggs Road to Basha.

Basha caps this drive with a 36 yard field goal. New head coach -- Gerald Todd -- gives his bears the lead over Hamilton. 3-0

But the Huskies answer.

James Sosinski -- to Ian Anderson a 37 yard strike and Hamilton is back on top 7-3

A back and forth game early
Basha's Doc O'Connor -- coming from the slot -- will score from 2 yds out
10-7 the Bears take the lead again over the Huskies.

6 foot 7 quarterback James Sosinski doesn’t make a lot of mistakes... the Bears capitalize on this one.
He can't thread that needle.

Basha with the interception...

And Basha will convert on the turnover ...Doc O'Connor again with the touchdown
this time -- diving in -- from 10 yards out. 17-7

However-- despite a double digit lead... Hamilton would not be denied, the Huskies were up 28-17 after 3 quarters

Hamilton goes on to win this one--42 to 25 and improves their record to 6 and 1 Basha drops to 4-3.
Brophy got off to a rocky start, but have since reeled off 3 straight wins.

Taking on Powerhouse Mountain Pointe tonight.

Cade Knox for Brophy with the keeper for a nice 23 yard run.

Ryan Velez will cap that drive with a short touchdown run to put the Broncos up 7-0

Brophy again knocking on the door and Jack Garcia with another short TD run to make it 14-0.

Brophy would kick a game winning 47 yard field goal by Streater Bates and Brophy wins 31-28.

Thanks to you guys sending pics to us on twitter. I have become a huge fan of the Highland student section.

We get to see them travel to Perry where they also have a large and dedicated fan base.

Highland’s Josh Chadwick punches it in from a yard out…touchdown

Highland looking to take the lead with a field goal but a bad snap would kill the drive.

Perry enjoyed the momentum swing and marched down the field.

Austin Nightengale knocked out at the 2 trying to go for that pylon

On the next play, Anthony Sheffield would take the game winner in from 2 yards out.

34-27 Perry over Highland.

Perry improves their record to 4 and 3