Your Life A to Z Recipe: Saturday, October 11th, 2014 - Eggplant 4 ways

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Chef Gio Osso

Chef Gio Osso’s restaurant Virtu Scottsdale is nestled inside the Bespoke Inn, where you will enjoy Mediterranean-inspired dishes while dining in a contemporary atmosphere. Virtu was recently named one of the top 20 “Best New Restaurants” in the U.S. by Esquire Magazine for its evolving menu. Some staple dishes include pastas, seafood, and other fresh Mediterranean plates. While the Bespoke Inn offers an intimate setting, the restaurant is open to the public. If you are wanting a more private experience, Chef Gio Osso offers a personal chef dinner for up to nine people, where the restaurant will create a custom dining experience from the wine selection to the service. There are three options for this one of a kind experience: four course meal with wine pairings for $175/person, six course tasting menu for $195/person, or an eight course tasting menu for $220/person. For more information on Chef Gio or to make reservations at Virtu Scottsdale, call 480-946-3477 or visit