5 Must Have Clutch Styles For Fall

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Fashion: 5 Must Have Clutch Styles For Fall

Clutches are so important for fall, but it's easy to forget about them. They don't always get the love they deserve. It's event season. From holiday parties to charity galas, your head will start spinning any day now!

YLAZ: What are 5 Must Have Clutch Styles For Fall?

KS: Stick to the classics with a Little Louis Vuitton. Both of mine (displayed) $150, purchased 2nd hand through eBay and My Sister's Closet. Yes, technically one of these belongs to my dog. If your style is more sophisticated and simple, you can't go wrong with Louie.

KS: You've got the power! This chic clutch CHARGES YOUR PHONE as you hop from one social event to the next. Avoid crawling through the Phoenician desperately seeking a power source once you hit below 20% on your cell phone! I found this item at The Garage Boutique in Old Town for $150.

KS: SHAPES! Be bold. Be funky. These fabulous clutches have one thing in common, they will all get stares and compliments. I found this vintage Moschino lip bag from Australia on eBay for $50! It was originally a gift with purchase of their perfume. Now it's not only the cutest clutch, but a perfect photo prop. A steal when similar purses are going for at least $300 retail! This watermelon clutch was only $8 at CVS! And this House of Holland firecracker was originally $400, but I waited for the sale and got it for $150.

KS: Speaking of shapes... BOOKS! Harper's Bazaar suggests you buy a OLYMPIA LE-TAN book-clutch for $2,308, but all of these book clutches (displayed) were under $100. These two shopping consignment - $25 & $60, and this $99 Kate Spade purchased at their outlet store.

These see through acrylic clutches are very retro and everywhere right now! This Juicy Couture clutch is currently in stores, retailing for $150. I found it on eBay for $60. And there are numerous similar items. You will see these see-through acrylic clutches everywhere.

YLAZ: These prices are very reasonable. How do you keep PURSE SHOPPING affordable? It seems like an oxymoron!

KS: The best way to save and make the process as easy as possible is to have an idea of what you want. Whether you see it in a department store, or right here on this program, you create a bit of a look-book in your head. What you can pair your purse with, the numerous outfits, and then you find it for less in a 2nd hand store or on a site like eBay or Etsy! For instance, I know I love Alexander McQueen and Thomas Wylde. Thomas Wylde handbags typically retail for $2,000. When I found this little skull clutch for $25 (displayed), it was a no brainer. It's not Thomas Wylde but it's a look I love for less.

YLAZ: It's often hard to transition from our every day purses to a clutch for a special event. What would you suggest...

KS: Have items that permanently live in your clutch throughout the season. Gum and/or mints. A lip gloss, and $5 for valet. That way, the only transition is your cell and wallet. And hopefully you have a small wallet! Start that process NOW if you don't!

YLAZ: If people want more information on your suggestions, where can they go?

KS: I've included photos, prices, and links to where I found each of these items on Facebook.com/KinseySchofield