Eat well to age well

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- We can't stop the clock when it comes to aging, but there may be a way to slow it down: if we watch what we eat.

“We all have heard since we were born, 'Eat your fruits and vegetables, eat your fruits and vegetables,' ” Registered Dietitian Janae Richey with Banner Health said.

“Fruits and vegetables are packed full of antioxidants,” Richey said. “So our skin is a natural protection against the environment, but to help protect our skin protect us from the environment, we need all those fruits and vegetables that have antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. All of those are antioxidants.”

When choosing food, look for lots of colors, according to Richey.

“The more colors, the more vitamins and antioxidants you are going to get,” she said.

Another source of antioxidants is "dark chocolate, 70 percent cocoa or more," according to Richey.

It is also important to stay hydrated. “Drinking water is definitely the best thing, and it is also very cleansing. Water helps cleanse our body out," Richey explains.

Aging is more than skin deep, so don't forget your heart. Fish can give your heart a good boost.

“[Fish] have the Omega 3's, which are known to help increase our good cholesterol and also protect against heart disease and things like that,” she said.

Nuts are another good source of Omega 3's.

Finally, you will need a good framework to age well, so feed those bones.

“If we are not maintaining it, our bodies are continually depleting calcium. So yes, take in a lot of dairy," Richey said.