End-of-year hiring surge hits the Valley

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Looking for a job? This could the time to find one. Big retailers around the Valley are looking for thousands of workers.

According to a new study, US employers advertised the most job openings in nearly 14 years during August, the unemployment rate slid to 5.9 percent in September, and local job recruiters say the Valley is now seeing the greatest hiring since 2008.

"As a job seeker, people should be incredibly optimistic and confident right now," says Sherri Mitchell, founder of All About People recruiting and staffing firm. "Of course, you have to do all of the right things to land the job, but this is a great time to be looking."

Co-founder Charles Mitchell credits an increase in employer confidence and a once-sluggish economic recovery now picking up steam. Couple that with the additional holiday hiring at many retailers and the Mitchells say the 4th quarter is the time to land a job.


"You should be reaching out to potential employers right now," Charles Mitchell says. According to Mitchell, job seekers need to have a certain level of urgency: many of the holiday retail jobs will be filled before the end of the month.

But there is long-term opportunity in the Valley as well. Corporate America is also looking to fill office and managerial roles before the start of the new year, Sherri Mitchell adds.

"Companies are at a point where they can't continue to run this lean and grow. So I think a lot of companies are making the decision that it's time," she says.