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A Vampire Tale
It's "The 'Nutcracker' of Halloween," called A Vampire Tale. The production by Scorpius Dance will run through October 11th.  
Phoenix Theatre's-Hormel Theatre
100 E. McDowell Road 
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
McDowell & Central
For tickets, call 602-254-2151 or visit 
Free Pizza
Today, Fired Pie will be giving away one FREE pizza OR salad (per person) at their newest location in Ahwatukee. This is for dine-in only. The restaurant is giving out the free entrees from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in honor of the opening of their seventh restaurant. The free entrees will only be served at their newest location. 
Fired Pie
4905 E Ray Road, Suite #104
Diaper Distribution Day
Stardust Building Supplies, a nonprofit reuse organization, will distribute more than 150,000 diapers next Tuesday, October 7, from 7 to 10 am at their Gifts In Kind Material Resource Center located in Glendale. 
It's non-profit organizations will line up with their vehicles for this special, once a year event. Each organization will receive more than 2,000 free diapers estimated at a value of $500.
Five Safety Features
Safety used to cost extra when buying a car. Much of the equipment motorists consider standard today - including air bags, anti-lock brakes, back-up lights and even seat belts - came at an added price. Nowadays, those features and more are typically standard in new vehicles. Thanks to technology, safety features in vehicles continue to evolve. 
AAA predicts five optional safety features that likely will become standard in the future:
Rearview back-up cameras: A rear-mounted camera helps reduce blind spots, which can hide other cars and objects. These cameras are included on slightly less than half of all new models sold today, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA). While the government recently mandated all cars have a rear-visibility system by May 1, 2018, there is leeway in the statute, and some automakers may use parking sensors instead of a camera.
Parking sensors: For the same reasons back-up cameras can reduce crashes, parking sensors are valuable safety tools. Whether mounted in front or in the rear, these radar-based sensors detect when the vehicle approaches a hazard and issue a warning beep. Plus, these add-ons are fairly inexpensive. 
Forward collision warning with automatic braking: This technology is coming on strong and uses radar-based technology, like that used by adaptive cruise control. Forward collision warning senses when a vehicle is approaching another vehicle or object at a speed fast enough to crash into it and alerts the driver that a collision might be imminent. More advanced systems will apply the brakes to avoid a crash. Prices for an installed system range widely, from about $300 to several thousand dollars, depending on the vehicle.
Lane-departure systems: There are two primary types of this increasingly popular system. The first type uses lasers or sensors to monitor lane markings on the roadway and sounds an alarm when a vehicle starts to deviate from its lane. The other type is more proactive: If the driver doesn't respond to an initial warning, the system can take action to keep the vehicle from drifting. 
Blind-spot monitoring systems: Blind-spot monitoring systems use an electronic detection device mounted on the sides of the car, which sends out either electronic electromagnetic waves or takes computer-processed images with a digital camera and analyzes them. When one of these detectors notices another vehicle getting too close, it flashes a light in the driver's peripheral vision and/or makes sounds. In more advanced systems, the car will even try to steer itself back into the safety zone of its previous lane. According to NHTSA, this feature is available on 206 different 2013 vehicle models from 23 manufacturers.
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