Court documents reveal new details about alleged predator

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Phoenix police believe they have the man who has been following teenage girls near Horizon High School for at least a week. Casey Brisbin is in jail and the report indicates he is a suspect or investigative lead in two sexual assaults.

According to the report, police have spoken to four witnesses. It details the stories four girls told about a man who looked like 29 year old Brisbin following them, exposing himself and leaving a note on a girl’s car.

At his initial court appearance Monday, prosecutors made it clear, that if he gets out on bond, they want him kept away from all kids.

“I'm asking your honor, excuse me, that he not be allowed to go anywhere near any schools,” the prosecutor said. “I don't care how far out of the way he needs to go, asking a mile radius to any school.”

The court documents state, "that note complimented the girl on her looks and asked if she saw him. The writer identified himself as "Casey" and left a phone number."

And he allegedly gave his number to another girl saying he was looking for someone else.

According to the report, they started texting and he said, "that he was basically 21. He asked how old the girl was, and upon learning that she was fifteen years old, he told her that she would have to say she was eighteen if they hung out.”

One of the girls filing a report last week was Kayla Berg. This is what she said when she found out a suspect was in jail.

“When we were walking to school today,” she said. “Just kind of get feeling, is he going to do it again?  It puts us at ease and will put parents at ease also.”

The charges right now are public sexual indecency with a minor present and indecent exposure.

Police haven't found Brisbin had a relationship with any minors but are still investigating. More than once at the court appearance, the prosecutor called him a predator.