Phoenix man concerned for quarantined son, Ebola-stricken brother

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX ---  The family of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has high hopes for an experimental drug doctors in Dallas began using over the weekend.

"Now we feel he'll be OK," Duncan's brother, Wilfred Smallwood told 3TV.

"There's progress, there's progress.  He's considered critical because he's still on the breathing machine," Smallwood added, disputing reports that his brother's condition is worsening.

Other family members were due to visit Duncan in the hospital for the first time since his diagnosis.

Duncan contracted the virus in Liberia, but says he did not realize it or feel ill until after arriving to visit family in Texas.  He says he contracted the virus when he carried a sick woman to a doctor.

Doctors in Dallas have told the family, Duncan may be able to hear them, but he will not be able to respond.

Smallwood spends his days on the phone in Phoenix with the hospital, and his son, Oliver.

The 21-year-old is one of four people considered "high risk" for Ebola, and remains quarantined in a Dallas home.

"He sounded very well today.  He's healthy.  I always ask if anyone is coughing or dizzy," Smallwood said.

His son was living in an apartment with Duncan, while he unknowingly was showing symptoms of Ebola.  

"I just keep calling to check on him.  Several times a day.  So far, so good," Smallwood said.

His son and the others will remain quarantined for another two weeks.