How to take your closet, wardrobe from summer to fall

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- The weather is finally cooling down, which means it is time to put your summery fabrics away and bring out those light-weight sweaters. Our climate is challenging as the temperature can drop into 50s at night, and then climb into the 90s during the day. Layering is key.

Stylist Devy Walker walked 3TV's Kaley O'Kelley through the summer-to-fall wardrobe transition.

First clean out your closet. Pull out everything you cannot see tucked back in there and make three piles.

  1. Pack/store
  2. Keep
  3. Donate or consign

What should you pack?
Fabrics that look very summery. Fold then nicely and put them in a bag for next spring.

The keep pile can be tricky. You are going to keep your light-weight clothing in jackets, pants, dresses darker colors.

Pull out all your items and hang them by style -- tanks , tees, long sleeve, skirts, pants and so on. The benefit to hanging this way is you can see what you have and mix it up.

Have a girlfriend come over and help you create new combinations. Your wardrobe will look much larger if you mix and match, allowing you to update your look without going to the mall.

Items packed away last season are brought out and brutally tested. Am I ever going to wear this piece again? Did I wear it last year?

If either answer is no, it goes in the donate/consign pile. that goes for shoes, too.

Outer jackets and coats should be accessible but not in the front of your closet.

To decide between consigning and donating, look at the condition of each piece. There's a big difference between "like new" and "gently used."

Items that are still in style, look new and just don't suit you anymore can be taken to a resale shop, which will require that your items be clean and on hangers. Do not be offended if they do not want them; just try another shop or donate for a tax receipt .

As it cools down, you can move the lighter weight items you pulled out to start the season toward the back of the closet and wear those heavier items you have been waiting to wear.

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