Shoppers react to Fry's coupon policy change

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX-- Fry's grocery stores have made some changes in coupon policies, and many shoppers are not happy.

We first told you about the new pricing policies at Fry's stores earlier this week. Starting October 1,  the grocery chain said instead of doubling coupons, it would simply drop prices.

But some shoppers wonder: how do they know they're getting a good deal?

Saving experts said the only way to know is to do your research, comb through each store's coupon policies and prices, and only then will you know.

Some couponers are not happy about the changes, and some say they plan to boycott the chain.

"It's literally right across the street from my house, but I will drive the extra two miles to go to Safeway," said Amy Prather, a couponer.

"We've started a 'boycott Fry’s' for a month, to not shop at Fry’s for a month, to let them know that we're not happy with the changes,” said Tennille Cobb, a couponer.

“It is pretty tough, and I understand why a lot of people are getting upset about it,” said Cari Henning, with the blog Sassy 4 Savings.

This month, Fry's said they stopped accepting coupons valued at less than a dollar for a dollar, and the grocer is no longer doubling coupons.

"It kind of sucks because they've had this coupon policy for over a year now," said Henning.

Fry’s now will accept coupons at face value only. But to keep shoppers coming, they’ve also lowered prices across the store.

We thought we'd see if that was satisfying shoppers.

"I'm happy with the prices today," said Nancy Pollinger who was shopping at Fry’s.

"I noticed the savings, and they had a lot of things that I buy that are on sale,” said shopper Sarah David.

Shoppers we met up with Friday said they like the new prices.

"A couple percent. I don't think it's anything major, but it's noticeable," said Bob DeWolf, a Fry’s shopper.

Dewolf said he only used four dollars' worth of coupons but still saved. "About 33 bucks," he said.

Rose Marsh said although she did notice savings, she still wants to wait and see how far Fry’s price reductions will go.

"This is the first time I've shopped since they said that, so I'm waiting to see in the future weeks what it might be," said Marsh.

It’s hard to tell if the deals are enough to keep the coupon crowd coming.