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Regenerous Designs was created to solve a problem. While working in the Los Angeles fashion district, I saw firsthand all the fabric that goes unused and thrown out during clothing production. I couldn’t bear to see this happen, so I started Regenerous Designs where I take these designer fabric remnants and regenerate them into beautifully bold accessories (scarves, headbands, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and bows).

I try to make my accessories a little different from the norm, so versatility is a word I always have in mind while designing. I want people to be able to wear my accessories many different ways. Whether it’s wearing a headband as necklace, or a bracelet around your bun, Regenerous Designs’ accessories have unlimited potential. I also want people to be about to wear my accessories for any occasion. You can go to the gym or go out on the town in my accessories.

The first look is of my big braided headband. It is one of my most versatile accessories. The headband is designed with a braid on one side and loose fabric on the other, so you can wear it so many ways. Feature the braid on the front, movie the braid to the side, or move it to the back making the loose fabric the feature. Or, you can switch it up completely and wear the big braided headband as a necklace. Alys is wearing it with a nice work outfit, but you can also wear it to the gym. I’ve paired the headband with a few of my bullet shell bracelets to complete the whole look.

The next look is of my twist infinity scarf. It may not be as versatile as the headband, but you can switch it up and wear it a few different ways because of how it’s designed. Each twist infinity scarf is made with several types of fabrics, meaning if you just flip it over, you have a whole new amazing scarf. Lori is wearing it with a casual outfit, which dresses it up a bit. But, you can also wear it with a more dressy outfit as well.

The last look is of The Button Bow, which is my newest and most versatile piece. It’s also my first accessory that men can wear. The Button Bow can be a bow tie, a bow necklace, a bow headband… It can be anything you can imagine. This is because each bow is made with a button on the back which easily attaches to The Button Band. The Button Band is made with a braid that adjusts to any size with the use of buttons. You simply button the bow anywhere along the braid, and you’re good to go.

As you can see, it’s truly perfect for the whole family, including your pet. Kelly is wearing it as a bow tie to make his look pop, and his dog is also wearing one. Each bow also has two straps on the back, which makes it great to just slide on a collar. I’m wearing it as a headband. The Button Band is so comfortable and stretchy making it feel great however you wear it. The other great thing about this is The Button Band and Button Bow can be worn on their own too. The Button Band as a headband, or The Button Bow clipped/pinned in your hair.

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