Mom Squad: Upcycling

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I'm a big fan of Upcycling. My sister and I have been Upcycling or re-purposing & reinventing older, vintage, used or "discovered" ("discovered" here meaning "nobody else wants them") items for many years. 

Upcycling gives items that would otherwise end up in a landfill or trash pile a second life. The need to create new items to fill the same purpose is slightly diminished. Furthermore, my sister (of Bella & Bruiser Clothing Line) regularly sell our upcycled wares (she makes new items as well) at hand made or vintage markets, like Junk in the Trunk. Thereby creating commerce! economy! and helping to support our families through the re-purposing and upcycling of "discovered" and "reclaimed" items.

I'm happy to bring all this crazy stuff or just pieces you are particularly interested in. We have a pillow made from T-shirts. A painting that would have been thrown out, repainted with sea monster & Star Wars tie-fighter that is now a beloved piece of art.

A record turned into a bag (actually really difficult to accomplish) and some desk items made from records. A little boys PJ outfit made from a single mens Polo shirt. A little girls dress made from a used, or as we fancy upcyclers like to say... "reclaimed," ladies skirt & overalls turned into a baby dress. Small pop-art pieces made from old comic books and VHS tape boxes from the 90s. 

Crayons that are broken and just the nub is left, we have these all over the house, are melted and a new crayon is made (of course mine are nerdy star wars crayons). The last pic is Bella & Bruiser items that include skirts for babies & little girls made of neck ties and a boys tee turned into a girls dress. (Now you see little girl super-hero stuff everywhere, but when Zoe was little we made our own because it wasn't as popular yet)