Ebola scare: Payson man voluntarily quarantines himself after Liberia trip

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A man from Payson who recently returned from Liberia has voluntarily quarantined himself to ease his neighbors' concern about potential exposure to the Ebola virus.

Allen Mann is a missionary for Crossways International. He traveled to Ebola-ravaged Liberia last month and upon his return said he was met with fearful neighbors worried about him bringing the disease back to Arizona.

"Yeah, there's some fear. And no matter what we say... I don't know what their reason is for expressing their fear to the community," said Mann of the reaction he's gotten from neighbors and people online since returning from Liberia. "…It's really opened a can of worms."

Mann said he's trying to calm those fears by locking himself inside his house for 21 days – the incubation period of the Ebola virus. If he's still symptom free at the end of his self-imposed quarantine, the danger is over and he believes people will feel safe around him again.

"We took it seriously and did everything we could short of not going. But I didn't feel it was necessary not to go but people are still not happy with that decision," Mann said, talking with 3TV by phone. "We've made arrangements with our local medical center here who is very prepared and equipped to handle this sort of thing, as well as my own person doctor who is ready to take a phone call from me if I do come down with symptoms."

Mann said he didn't come across anybody who was sick while in Liberia

"I just saw one house one time where everyone was standing outside and riot police were standing on scene as well. There wasn't really commotion; people were just kind of standing and I later learned that someone in the house had died from Ebola. That's all I really saw," he said.

There are currently no travel restrictions from the Ebola outbreak areas of West Africa into the U.S. However, people wishing to leave the affected West African countries do have to submit to an Ebola survey and symptom check.