Chris Christie campaigns for Doug Ducey

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie swung through Arizona on Thursday to help campaign for Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey.

"I'd like to thank Doug for getting into the arena and fighting," he said in front of a crowd of Ducey staffers at the Arizona Republican Headquarters in Phoenix.

"I know there are moments where you wonder if (your work) matters, and it matters," Christie said to the volunteers.

As chair of the Republican Governors Association, Christie says he'll be on the road for 25 of the next 33 days leading up to the election.

Ducey's opponent, Democrat Fred DuVal, criticized Christie's visit. DuVal accused Christie of bringing money from anonymous, out-of-state donors to Ducey's campaign.

"I think voters just are getting sick of these, you know, dark money efforts from out of state, from billionaires," DuVal said. "They really want the campaign to be conducted by Arizonans, about Arizona, for Arizonans, and that's the kind of campaign I want to run."

Christie was quick to point out that his organization lists all donors on its website, and he shot back at reporters for asking about so-called dark money.

"This is the kind of stuff that gets real people in the public crazy about the way you guys ask these questions. It's silly," Christie said.

After visiting GOP Headquarters, Christie attended two private fundraisers in Scottsdale.