Phoenix man gets 'drilled' with $4K dental bill

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Niko Byrd says good dental hygiene is a must.

"I do floss and brush my teeth every day, so I try to have good hygiene in that aspect," he said.

When it came time to have his teeth professionally cleaned, he looked around and found a place called iSmile Dentistry located inside Arrowhead Mall.

"It was about $50 for two cleanings a year," Byrd said.

But once he was in the chair at iSmile Dentistry, Byrd says he was told he needed more than a simple cleaning.

"They told me I do need braces because my bottom teeth are crooked," he said.

Byrd thought getting his teeth straightened was probably a good idea, so he sat down with iSmile's manager and worked out a price for braces.

"It seemed reasonable," Byrd said. "They told me if I paid that day, they would knock off $500. So I jumped right on it and paid with a credit card."

Byrd shelled out $4,000 and then went to a second iSmile location to have a 3-D scan of his mouth.  Then, he waited to be fitted for those braces, but waiting is really all he's done.

Four months and $4,000 later and he still doesn't have his braces.

Byrd said he complained to iSmile, which told him they would refund his $4,000, but they never have. So, 3 On Your Side got involved and in just a matter of hours after contacting them, they sent us an email saying: "The situation with the patient you inquired about earlier has been resolved, I have spoken to him in regards to this matter and he is satisfied with the outcome."
Byrd said he's relieved. He's been fighting to get his money returned for months and after one phone call and one email from 3 On Your Side, iSmile Dentistry immediately credited his account for $4,000.