Luggage thieves strike again at Sky Harbor Airport

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- It has happened again: another luggage theft at Sky Harbor Airport. It's the second time in several weeks that there's been a rip-off at the airport. The good news is that it was caught on camera.

On video taken September 8, you can see a red sedan pull up to the curb outside the Terminal 4 luggage claim area, leaving the car unattended. A pair of men get out and go inside the terminal.

Once inside, it takes them just moments to approach the carousel, grab three bags, and make their way back out to the curb, no questions asked. The men got away with three pieces of luggage.

Police say one thing travelers can do is make sure they get to their luggage quickly.

"When you arrive at your destination, a lot of people will hang around meet with relatives," says Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes. "We ask that you not do that. Go directly to luggage claim and you claim your luggage as quickly as possible."

Back on August 17, a man walked into Terminal 4 from the Sky Train, went straight to the baggage claim area, took a suitcase and hopped right back on the train.