Woman arrested for allegedly lying about child abuse

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Corlei Scavo, 18 By Mike Gertzman Corlei Scavo, 18 By Mike Gertzman
By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

FLORENCE, Ariz. -- A student at Central Arizona College was arrested after she allegedly lied to one of her professors about her son being a victim of child abuse.

Corlei Scavo, 18, of Casa Grande, is accused of false reporting to a law enforcement agency, and false reporting of child abuse or neglect. She was arrested on Sept. 23 and released on Sept. 24.

Scavo told her professor that she missed two weeks of school because her two-year-old son was abused by his father and was in intensive care at the Chandler Regional Medical Center, according to Sgt. Pat Ramirez with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.

The professor reported the allegations to the Central Arizona Campus Police Department who interviewed Scavo. She confirmed the same information she had given to the professor, stating her child "almost passed away but may be released from the hospital today."

"In Arizona teachers have a mandatory obligation by law to report any information related to a child being abused," said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu in a written statement. "The professor was concerned for the welfare of his student’s child and he properly reported this case to law enforcement."

The Central Arizona Campus Police Department notified the Pinal County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Bureau who took over the investigation.

After several calls, detectives determined Scavo’s two-year-old son was not a patient at the Chandler Regional Medical Center or at any other hospital in Arizona.

Detectives drove to an address in Arizona City which was listed on Scavo’s driver license.

They talked with Scavo’s mother, step-father and her two-year-old child. The child was in good health and was not abused.

Detectives learned Scavo left the child in their care on Sunday, Sept. 21.

Scavo’s step-father said they have suspected Scavo of lying to them in the past. He claimed Scavo "always needs a babysitter for emergencies then they find out she is lying."

Detectives were able to speak with Scavo over the phone and she denied speaking with officers from the Central Arizona Campus Police Department or reporting to her professor that her child was abused.

She claimed she spoke with her professor about some "personal matters" but never reported her son was in the hospital or abused.