Local businesses struggling after storm closes road

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Days after a big storm hit, a major west Valley intersection remains a mess.

Powerful winds on Saturday sent one power pole after another toppling onto the pavement near 59th Avenue and Greenway Road.

Crews are still working to get the area back open. The city says it could be Wednesday before it is open again.

Crews are moving damaged power poles and cleaning up the web of power lines knocked down by the storm.  

Businesses in the area are starting to feel the impact. One business owner at this intersection tells 3TV they normally have more customers for Monday Night Football, but because of the barricades, she has just over a handful.

"People are deterred from coming because they see the barricades," said Kimberly O’Donnell, owner of Kimmyz.

She said she printed out signs and taped them to the barricades to let people know business is open.

"Then people would realize that they can bypass the barricades and come on in off of Greenway," she said.

But taking a look around the bar it looks like the street closure, even with signs, has kept people away.

"It definitely hurt business," said customer Michael Monday.

"It's difficult to get here. You have to go through the neighborhood and then luckily get here because it's all closed off,” said customer Ray Addis.

It made it inconvenient for some, but Addis said a little inconvenience didn't keep him away.

"No. No. We're very loyal patrons," he said. "All of us here are."

Kimmyz on Greenway wasn't the only business to take a hit since the weekend.

"We've got Tony's across the street. We've got everybody in the whole building in the Greenway Promenade open," O’Donnell said.

The city of Glendale said although 59th Avenue and Greenway Road is closed, and probably will be until Wednesday, access to area businesses is permitted.

"The only way you can get in here right now is 63rd Avenue off of Bell; either that, or you can go off of 67th Avenue off of Bell, and it takes you east right on Greenway and it gives you access," O’Donnell said.