Monsoon 2014 ends wetter than normal for the Valley

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PHOENIX -- The official end of the monsoon is Sept. 30 and according to the National Weather Service of Phoenix, rainfall this season was much more plentiful for the drought-stricken Phoenix metro.

Saturday’s storms brought Phoenix Sky Harbor up to a total of 6.32 inches of rain for monsoon 2014. This is well above the average of 2.71 inches. Since Jan. 1, Sky Harbor has received 7.33 inches. The yearly average rainfall is 8.03 inches.

A dry and cool air mass is filtering into Arizona from the west. As it does, humidity will drop, skies will be mostly clear, and daytime high temperatures will be lower than average.

This week in the Valley, look for morning lows in the mid-60s. Some High Country communities will see lows in the 30s for the next several days, and morning frost will be possible.

For Monday in the Phoenix metro, look for a high of around 88. The upper 80s will hang around for Tuesday, with the low 90s returning to the Valley Wednesday. Temperatures will gradually climb to the mid 90s by the end of the week.