Police recruits pass first exam, move onto physical test

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- With the written test over, it's now time for more than 2,000 police recruits to take the physical exam.

“We have about 125 to 130 who passed that test last night and are here at the academy this morning,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Steve Martos said Saturday.

With only 300 available positions, only the top performers will get the job.

“We're looking for the best, and so it is extremely important for them at every stage to give their best product,” Martos said.

During the recession, the department had a hiring freeze. When officers retired or were let go, nobody replaced them.

“I think it's really about the reputation of the Phoenix Police Department that we have such a great response from people who want to become part of this department,” Martos said.

Next up for the recruits who pass the physical exam is an extensive background check and a possible polygraph test.