Valley man's motorcycle goes missing from Tempe shop

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- Anthony and Kristina Strader are motorcycle enthusiasts.

"Whenever we have the free time, it was getting on our motorcycle, just taking off, heading anywhere," Anthony Strader said.

Kristina Strader agreed, “It's a good feeling. It's a free feeling when you get out on the bike." 

But those days of hitting the road became a bit more difficult after his bike went missing.

The Straders claim their problem started when they were offered a great deal on motorcycle maintenance from a Tempe business called Steel Dreemz.

"Lifetime oil, oil changes, oil filters, oil plugs and all labor covered by the shop," Anthony Strader said.

But he also wanted to trick out his bike with some accessories.

"I was gonna have the bike lowered. I was gonna have custom pipes built, brand new air intake system," he said.

So he dropped his motorcycle off at Steel Dreemz for some of that custom work and purchased the maintenance plan.

The total price for everything was $3,500, and Anthony Strader said he gave it all to the owner of Steel Dreemz, Alex "AJ" Jasso.

However, nearly six months later, Anthony Strader still didn't have his motorcycle.

“We found out the shop was shut down," he said. "It got completely closed. He lost the business. The landlord locked (Jasso) out of his business, but did allow the public to come back who did have their titles to prove it was their bike."

Concerned, the Straders tried talking to Jasso.

"He said he has our bike, that he did move, but then he never would respond with an address for us to go get the bike," Kristina Strader said.

When the couple didn't receive their motorcycle or their $3,500 back, they filed police reports. They also continued to contact Jasso by phone and text message.

"Two things you don't mess around with with a rider: you don't mess with a man's wife or his bike, and the fact that another rider can just walk off that way with a man's motorcycle with no contact and be OK with it is beyond me," Anthony Strader said.

3 on Your Side went to Steel Dreemz in Tempe and found an empty warehouse.

We also tried to contact Jasso numerous times by phone and email, but he would never return our calls.

However, our inquiries did do something because the Straders say their motorcycle was immediately returned.

The Straders are not giving up on getting their $3,500 back.