3OYS: BBB says beware of iPhone 6 scams

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- There was quite a frenzy over the sleek, new Apple iPhone 6 and its larger version, the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple customers lined up to get theirs.

"It’s got everything you want to do with it," one customer said. "You can watch your movies. It's ageless. It's good for my vision."

In the first weekend they went on sale, more than 10 million were sold -- a new three-day Apple sales record.

"Now that we don't use computers anymore, this is our computer," another customer said. "So we want to make sure that thing is doing all the jobs we need to do."

But, if you're on the sidelines wondering if you should buy the new gadget, just remember not to get ripped off in the process.

"There's so much hype around this new iPhone 6 that scammers can't help but to take advantage of the opportunity to mislead people -- that's their job," said Felicia Thompson with the Phoenix Better Business Bureau.

According Thompson, whenever new hi-tech gadgets like the iPhone are released, scammers pop up ready to snatch your hard-earned cash right out of your wallet.

"We’re likely going to see ads taken out saying, click here to register to win a new iPhone 6 or click here for some reason to get the iPhone 6," she said.

The BBB has seen it time and time again and even issued a new alert warning consumers to be on the lookout for iPhone and iPad scams.

Thompson says crooks may use fraudulent sites on Facebook or Twitter to lure people in.

"It's just so easy for someone to create a fake website or fake link or fake survey to lure folks in who really want this new product," she said.

Thompson goes on to say if you click on a fraudulent link, you could be in very big trouble.

"You might be downloading a virus, malware to your computer," she explained. "You might be giving them access to remotely access your computer. You might be giving them access if you do proceed to your Social Security number, bank account, things like that."

So be careful because that so-called deal might be the very thing that wipes out your bank account.

Thompson added, "It’s in our nature to want the newest, latest and greatest gadget, so be aware of that, knowing don't let your interest, just desire to want more and want it now mislead your better judgment."