Phoenix gay couple targeted by homophobic rant at wedding

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The wedding of a Phoenix couple is grabbing national headlines, because of a homophobic rant which interrupted it.

Oscar De Las Salas and Gary Jackson invited their closest friends and family members to their wedding in Coronado, in August.

Almost immediately, their beachfront ceremony was interrupted by the heckler, who shouted homophobic slurs.

"He started with, 'Homos, go home," De Las Salas told 3TV. The slurs grew louder and more vulgar as they continued.

"It was very difficult to pay attention to what was going on and dismiss what the person was shouting," he said.

One wedding guest recorded the verbal attack on a cell phone, and the video has gained national attention.

"We were so stunned. We didn't know what to do.  I was quite shocked to be in San Diego and to have that kind of hate-filled speech come out of someone," wedding guest Allen Kimbrough told 3TV.

"It's just sad to know that someone took the joy out of a very special moment," De Las Salas added.

Wedding photos show members of the wedding party looking for the heckler, who kept ducking back into a nearby condominium complex.   No one got a good look at him.

The grooms and their guests stayed quiet about the incident for the last few weeks, but are pleased to see it getting so much attention now.

"When you can hear it and can see the effect this has on people to whom the hate speech is directed, you realize this is harmful," Kimbrough said.

Coronado Police contacted the couple Tuesday, and asked them to file an official report.

A Coronado neighborhood group has now invited them back, and offered to throw them another party.