Woman who helps catch 'peeping Tom' speaks out

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

TEMPE -- An East Valley man arrested in a "peeping Tom" case is now tied to other crimes involving women.

Nathan Whipple, a former security guard, is facing a series of charges from sexual abuse, burglary, to disorderly conduct.

Last year, police said he was first arrested for impersonating an officer to get into a hotel room, and then in March, police said he walked into an unlocked apartment and fondled a sleeping woman.

Police were searching for this man for months until a woman saw him and called 911.

Both Rachel Fatovich and Madison Kneupper have lived in the apartment complex where the assault happened for over a year.

Fatovich said they got a notice saying to make sure to leave your porchlight on and always lock the doors after a report was filed about a sexual assault that happened in one of the apartment units near Fifth Street and Mill Avenue.

"It's definitely frightening," Madison Kneupper said.


Police said in March, a man had gone through an unlocked door and fondled a woman sleeping in her apartment.

"I thought it was kind of scary considering I always forget to lock my doors," Rachel Fatovich said.

Police believe it was Whipple.

But thanks to a woman who doesn't want to be identified, the suspect was caught by police Friday.

Whipple was arrested after the woman caught him snooping around the property, then police tracked him down.

"When I came home on Friday, I saw this person on property," she said. "He said he was here visiting a girlfriend or girlfriends."

But she got suspicious and called 911.

"He took off from the gate that he's been using to come on the property," she said.

The woman said her neighbor had seen him around there before.

"There was a flashlight used because there was darkness, and he would shine the flashlight in the windows and my neighbor said she saw that," she said. "He was also moving things to put him on a higher elevation so he could look into windows."

She'd heard of the sexual assault at a nearby complex and wanted to make sure if this was the same person, she put a stop to it.

"I don't want him to hurt anybody, and if he has hurt somebody I'm sure that what I do moving forward, it can stop. It needs to stop," she said.

Police said Whipple was arrested for trespassing, disorderly conduct and is facing charges for sexual abuse and burglary from the March incident.

Court documents show Whipple’s employer was T.E.A.M Security.

T.E.A.M. Security tells 3TV Whipple was employed with them for about a month in 2012 and was terminated for violation of company policies.

T.E.A.M. Security said they do background checks before employing staff and background checks are conducted by the FBI and through the Arizona Department of Public Safety.