3OYS Update: Former employees sue Scottsdale day spa

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz -- Gary Harper went to Old Town Scottsdale and paid a visit to a day spa called The Brow Lady.

He was looking for Eric Bowman and Nicki Mayers, who run the business. 3 On Your Side showed up because the two continue to dodge emails and phone calls.

"Hi, I’m Gary Harper with channel 3. Is Eric here? Or Nicki?”

“No, they're not," someone at the salon replied.

"Just let her know we're doing a news report and it's going to be on The Brow Lady, so she can call me back," Harper said.

The Brow Lady day spa was profiled on 3 On Your Side after numerous employees like Brandi Vinson complained they were never paid.

"We don't deserve to be treated like this, and it's just not OK," Vinson said.

Those former employees like Gladys Youna Shandy say not only is it not OK, they want answers as to why they worked and then got stiffed.

"We’re looking for our checks because we want to, you know, feed our families. We want to pay our bills," she said.

The Brow Lady abruptly shut its doors in June for renovation, and even though many employees were never paid, The Brow Lady still wanted them to stay.

"He was trying to get everybody to stay because they were going to have like rental spaces instead of, you know, everybody on commission," Shandy said.

Shandy and several other employees wonder why in the world they return to a company that didn't pay them to begin with.

"Me, personally, close to $1,000, $1,100," Shandy said.

But there's a twist to the story.

Shandy said, "After this happened, we all got together and we have a suit against them."

The lawsuit just might do the trick, they hope. More than a dozen former employees are suing in federal court in attempt to get the money they say they're owed.

"Just that we get paid. I mean, that's all we're asking. We're not asking for anything else," Shandy said.

She works at a new salon nearby, but says it's a slap in the face being owed so much money and knowing that The Brow Lady is up and running again like nothing ever happened.

By the way, Bowman and Mayers never contacted Harper after he went to their business. Former employees say they’re not surprised.

"We just want this to be over with. We want it put it behind us and overall for them not to get away with it and for them not to do it to anybody else," Shandy said.