Purple Ribbon Council targets domestic violence

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By Chloe Nordquist By Chloe Nordquist

One in three teens experience dating violence either physical, emotional, or verbal in a relationship.

With all of the domestic violence in the media recently, the Purple Ribbon Council is reaching out to impressionable young girls and boys to stop this problem before it starts.

Donna Bartos, the founder and executive director of Purple Ribbon Council, said 50 percent of teens who experience dating violence won't report it.

"We go in to schools and in to communities and educate teens and children early on what those root causes are," Bartos said. "And what we're finding is the biggest one that the teens are telling us they think it is, is taught abusive behavior, it's the unhealthy gender norms."

Sixty percent of teens say they think dating violence occurs because of taught abusive behavior according to an anonymous clicker poll administered by the Purple Ribbon Council.

"They are seeing it not only in their home but it's taught in the media that we see, the movies that we watch, the songs that we listen to," Bartos said.

More teens are experiencing digital abuse as well, according to the poll.

The council has started its own prevention education program called BLOOM.

The BLOOM for Healthy Relationships program will reach 5,000 Arizona high school freshman this school year through their health education classes.

For more information, how to help, or how to donate, visit gopurple.org.