Storm debris collects at Tempe Town Lake

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Last week's storms have claimed another victim as Tempe Town Lake battles debris.

Kayaks and ducks share the tranquil water with sludge and cigarettes.

"There's been a little bit of the funk in the air," said Stephanie Morris while out on an evening walk.

"There was like a whole moss trash thing going on over there. It's dirty," said Paula Boone, who walks at the lake twice a week.

The monsoon storms washed up debris that collects and builds at the western dam. "A lot of the debris has formed a little bit of a pile. It's kind of unsightly. Some of the trash and debris from the lake has piled up there so we've been working on cleaning it up since last week," said Melissa Quillard of The City of Tempe.

Tempe tests the water after every significant rain and Quillard says it is safe for those playing on the water. "If anything were to come back abnormal or huge concentrations we would inform the public and make sure that we treat for it," said Quillard.

A few cans in the water aren't scaring people off the lake. "There was a lot of debris in the water and it smelled in a couple pockets but I don't know, it seemed alright. I've seen worse," said James Jewell, who tried kayaking for the first time Thursday.

The City of Tempe ran tests on the water Thursday and will get the results back on Friday.