Extreme storm chaser Reed Timmer visits Arizona

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz. --  Reed Timmer is called the world's most extreme storm chaser and for good reason. He drives into the eye of the storms as the star of the Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers.

Wednesday night, he was in Arizona to speak at the Mesa Community College Honors Program Lecture Series.

"I've always loved weather for as long as I remember, since I was probably 5 years old, and I still am a science nerd -- always was growing up," Timmer said.

His love of science drove him to do what many others would not. He takes his specially designed car, called the Dominator, and drives it all over the country to steer right into the eye of a tornado.

"They're designed to get up close -- if not inside -- tornadoes and measure data inside that other people can't safely collect," Timmer said.

Timmer talked to MCC students about about the science of storm chasing and the data he's collected from some 250 tornadoes and a dozen hurricanes.

Timmer also has his eye on Arizona's wild weather.

"It's been very crazy this year. The monsoon season, as it's called, is very active and now with these tropical systems, the one that just hit Cabo San Lucas, Odile, the remnants of that are coming into the southeast part of the state. The flooding a week ago was just horrific," Timmer said.

Every storm, another story, and Timmer lives for the big ones.

"I'm just glad I can do what I love for a living," he said.

He is now headed southeast to chase the remnants of Odile.