Cool school: Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Health and wellness are a big deal at Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center.

Every Wednesday morning, the entire school participates in a morning walk.

The school also features a Chef in the Garden series. Kids pick herbs from the school gardens and learn the importance of healthy eating. Chefs from all over the Valley work with the kids to make meals from scratch, often with fruits and veggies grown on-site.

The gardens on the ANLC campus are consistently integrated into classroom curriculum. This program also supports the maintenance of these different gardens throughout campus and assists the teachers with blending curriculum with hands-on integration.

ANLC is a K-8 school that opened in 1990. The school serves 500 students.

Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center (ANLC)
Scottsdale, Arizona

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