School district moves Terramar kids to church while they look for mold

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PEORIA, Ariz. -- After nearly 200 students stayed home from school Monday, the Deer Valley Unified School District moved classes at Terramar Elementary School across the street so the school can be checked for mold.

Parents say they found mold at Terramar after last week's historic rainfall.

On Monday night, the Deer Valley School District decided to have school on Tuesday and Wednesday at the church across the street. Kids who rode the buses were brought straight to Christ's Church of the Valley. The buses then went to pick up the kids who walked or biked to school.

"I was encouraged. We've been asking for this, parent Lisa Pack said. Her daughter has not been feeling well. "It didn't make sense as to why we were exposing children to this environment."

Pack says her daughter has been complaining of headaches, and believes they were caused by mold growing at the school.

"The loud environment because of the blowers and then the air that she was breathing probably contributed to it," she said.

The historic rainfall from last Monday wreaked havoc on the K-8 school. Wet floors from leaky roofs and walls were seen throughout the school. After seeing mold that parents said they got from the school, the district decided to move all the kids and teachers to the church.
"We are looking at the room, possibly sealing the outside of the windows," Heidi Vega from the Deer Valley Unified School District said. "One of the community members suggested getting on the roof after it rains to find the leak, and we've been doing that and we'll continue to do that until we find the leak."

“I do anticipate they'll make changes," Pack said. "This is a good school; we chose this school. I have full faith Terramar will be the school we anticipate it to be."

Parents who dropped their kids off at the school are being asked to pick them up at the church, not at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

For mor information, check out Terramar Elementary School's website or call 623-445-7600.