Valley art teacher goes online for help after the storm

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz.--  Mesa Art teacher Isaac Lundgren made a video showing the water that flooded his home.

"We had a crisis recently. I woke up Monday morning to find that there was a river where my street used to be and the water was starting to rush into the house.  We did the best that we could to put up some towels at the doors," said Lundgren in the video he posted to the fundraising page   

One to two inches of water in the home forced Lundgren to rip up five rooms worth of carpet. 
"It wasn't until the next morning when I woke up two hours early to the smell of just overwhelming mildew and I was like oh no. It just kind of sunk in at that point, what that means to your house," Lundgren told 3TV.  
With his two young boys-- one two-years-old and the other six-months-old-- now in a house floored with concrete, he posted his video on Go Fund Me. 
"Well, we need some help. I'm a school teacher. I teach art at five different elementary schools, one school per day, and I'd like to keep doing that but it doesn't pay a lot," said Lundgren in his video.  
The total loss after the storm is $30,000.
Not covered by insurance, it's a hefty price tag for anyone, but especially a teacher who works so his wife can stay home with the kids. 
"When the first $25 donation came in, I'm like, even that makes it worth it. I can pay for the microbial spray I just sprayed to kill the mold.  And they started to come in more and more and it just really touched my heart," Lundgren told 3TV.  
He's now raised more than $2,000.
It's nowhere near the $30K it will take to get his home back to what it was, but it's a start, and it's a gift Lundgren says he takes to heart.
"I'm usually not on the receiving end so it was kind of overwhelming to feel that and experience that. It was really touching," said Lundgren. 
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