Flooded home and business owners preparing for more rain

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz. -- With the threat of more rain in the forecast this week, home and business owners already flooded by this summer's soaking rains are preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best.

In Mesa, the city put out bins full of sandbags for people in nine different neighborhoods.

"Hopefully, hopefully it does not happen," said Jessica Cox.

Cox and her husband own Cox Cactus Farm in North Phoenix.

The wholesale nursery was hit hard by a monsoon thunderstorm on August 19. At one point the nursery was flooded with three feet of water.

The estimated loss about $1.5 million.

"There are no words; it's crazy. I hope this is just a one year thing and we don't see it again for a very very long time," Cox said.

The rebuilding started immediately, first with the help of many volunteers, now with the owners and employees putting in long days and weeks.

"Just trying to put new irrigation down, new weed barrier, salvage plant material," she said.

But with another drenching downpour potentially looming, Cox told 3TV she's not sure she can handle another flood.

It's the same situation in a Mesa neighborhood.

Many homes north of U.S. 60 and east of Stapley were flooded last week after an ADOT canal overflowed and so did the retention basins sending water into the neighborhood.

Some homes are still drying out.

"We kind of put some towels around to prevent a little, but I know my neighbors. They really really lose everything," said Lillinne Ohep.

Monday evening, the City of Mesa dropped off sandbags in large bins in different neighborhoods.

In the aforementioned flooded neighborhood, the sandbags were gone in just minutes with homeowners not taking any chances.

"I know that if the water gets high enough, sandbags aren't really going to do you any good. I'm just hoping we don't get anything, and that if we do get something, sandbags are enough," said Coby Crouch.

The City of Mesa plans to refill the bin Tuesday. In addition they hope to have sand and bags available at area fire stations People will just need to bring their own shovels.