3OYS UPDATE: $1,800 medical bill finally reduced

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GILBERT, Ariz. -- A Gilbert woman is breathing a big sigh of relief after a huge reduction in a nearly $2,000 dollar medical bill she claimed she didn't owe.

"I'm happy, I'm elated and I'm ready to move on," says Mary Ann Luna.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we told you about Mary Ann's frustration over an $1,800 emergency room bill,. It's a bill she said she didn't owe. "I was shocked that it would be so high," she says.

Mary Ann says she had a minor arm injury after her pets caused her a fall. She was briefly seen by an ER doctor, given an "arm sling," and then shown the door.

Yet, she received a $1,800 bill that was being charged as "surgery."

“I didn't receive surgery, and they were billing all this money for surgery when all I did was see the doctor for two minutes," she says.

Mary Ann says her aggravation grew worse after she contacted the ER group which was billing her. “They just said well, that's how it's coded; that's how it's billed," she tells us.

But Mary Ann says after the 3 On Your Side news report aired, things turned around.“So out of $1,800 it got down to $59," she says. "I am so excited.”

"And actually, you guys got done in two or three days what I was working on for eight months and got nowhere," she says.

Mary Ann says doesn't think it would have happened without 3 On Your Side.

“And if anybody has a problem with a bill don't go in agony over it," she says. "Call 3 On Your Side and let them handle it."