Get the look: Makeup tips and tricks for ladies 40 and older

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- When it comes to looking amazing no matter your age, makeup can work wonders. But only if you have the right base.

Scottsdale resident and makeup artist Mary Beth York says the key is to have the right products underneath your makeup application. That's she developed the Beauty Ammo Kit.

Step 1 -- The "Pump it up, Leave it on" Collagen Eye Mask is a thick, rich base and stays on all day. It is major hydration with collagen and shea butter. I

Step 2 -- "Line Putty" goes right on top to fill in fine lines. It also soothes the skin with chamomile and witch hazel.

Step 3 -- Camouflage Eye Disguise Concealer goes on easily, and now that you have the rich base of steps one and two, you can use a lot more concealer to get the coverage you need and not have to worry about it caking and creasing and making fine lines look worse. You can also use the concealer on your lid as a base for your eye shadow.

After the Beauty Ammo Kit, York says foundation is the most important element of your makeup.

"Getting the right color is crucial, and if you are trusting the wrong lighting, wrong salesperson, or wrong formula, there is a lot of room for error," she says.

Also, York says you should never use your fingers to blend. Always uses  sponge.

"You want to dot the foundation formula on your nose, forehead, and little on each cheek and chin, and then blend it all in with the sponge," she says.

For powder, York suggests you go with pressed and use a big brush to apply it. The bigger the brush the more sheer the powder goes on.

Whatever you do, do not use a sponge, not even the one that comes with your pressed powder. York calls that a "ticket to disaster."

York will be at the Scottsdale Resort and Athletic Club Saturday, Sept. 20, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., as a speaker for Wild Boomer Women's event. She will also be doing makeovers. For more information and tickets go to

Editor's note: This story originally reported that the actresses of TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland" wear York's products. An executive at TV Land says that the hair and makeup team have the products, but have not used them.