Mesa neighborhood trying to keep possible flood water out this time

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz. -- The neighborhood near Harris and Hilton in Mesa is dry right now, but nearby, there are numerous sandbags ready to be used in case another storm hits the area.

Last Monday, the Valley experienced a historic amount of rain which created thigh-high flood waters to enter into more than 100 homes in that Mesa neighborhood. People lost power, furniture and food. Fire trucks were used to pump some of the water out and they're ready again if the water starts to rise.

“What we experienced the other day was a huge amount of rain in such a small amount of time, it was hard for the system to keep up with it. So with that expectation of that worst case scenario, we are ready to take on more water,” said Captain Forrest Smith with the Mesa Fire Department.

Following the flood, it took days to get soaked carpet, ruined drywall and other debris out of the homes. The materials ended up just being piled onto people's driveways until the city brought out some roll-away dumpsters. This time, Mesa Fire hopes people will have an emergency bag in case they lose power again.

“The essentials are at least three days', 72 hours worth of food and water, for not only themselves but for their pets and themselves. And they should be non-perishable and at least one gallon of water person, per day,” said CERT coordinator Warren Sprecher.

“If you know people who live in the area, at least have a cell phone available and have some means to keep in touch with folks, and then have extra water on hand for those individuals,” said Capt. Smith.

Anticipating another possible problem from another possible storm, the city left one of its pumps at Emerald Park that flooded last week, in order to pump the water out and into a nearby canal.