Farm chic hits the city

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By Chloe Nordquist By Chloe Nordquist

The farm has hit the city and it's become a popular theme for everything from weddings to dinner parties and birthdays.

Classic Party Rentals expert Deb Beggs demonstrated how to re-create the "farm chic" look Friday morning. 

Tables and Chairs - Natural and organic doesn't just apply to food. Naturally finished wood gives a rustic feel to chairs and tables. 

Classic's way: Vineyard chairs and the trend of the season-farm tables

Re-create it: Throw your party at a park. Picnic benches can serve as your table!
Color Scheme - Keep it light and fresh with neutral colors. The focus should be on the natural elements.

Classic's way: Ivory, cream, khaki and blush pair well mixed in with lace or burlap.

Re-create it: Use your everyday white linens and create your own lace or burlap runner.

Floral - Look to inspiration from the environment and take from nature when creating a centerpiece.

Classic's way: Stay in line with the color scheme using the floral arrangements as a natural accent.

Re-create it: Keep it simple with a single flower/type of flower or try using greenery in place of flowers. Used wine bottles or glass jars can double as vases.
Lighting - Setting the mood is an important element to any event and can create a kind of magical feel when going from day into a summery night.

Classic's way: Market lighting, lanterns and votive candles

Re-create it: Have any old Christmas lights stored away? Drape white lights from a tree or surroundings and fill mason jars with wax and create your own candles
Dishware/Flatware/Glassware - This can be kept simple or create a pop of color with summer yellows and blues.

Classic's way: Give a rustic feel with wrought-iron flatware and unique patterned china and colored glasses or use classic, elegant pieces to offset the wooden table.

Re-create it: Wrap your everyday silver flatware with leftover burlap and lace and use simple white plates and glassware.
Placeholders - Personalize your event with unique items.

Classic's way: Antique pieces

Re-create it: Take a look through those stored-away boxes and find some meaningful pieces to add. If you don't have antiques, try using wine corks bound with twine or an old watering can to create a distinctive touch.
Food - Keep with the theme and draw up a farm-to-table menu.

Classic's way: Bring in a local sustainable chef that uses seasonal produce items.

Re-create it: Check out your local farmers market to pick up summer favorites.

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