91-Year-old snakebite victim recovering in Phoenix hospital

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX – A 91-year-old Quartzsite man described the pain of a snake bite and not just any snake bite – a rattlesnake bite.

"It goes loud soft, loud soft, as your heart beats," Frank Anner said. "It's a different kind of a pain than if I hit you with a board or something."

Anner ended up at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center after what was supposed to be just a trip to the grocery store.

"There was a fellow down there that bit me," he said from his hospital bed Thursday. "A diamondback rattler."

Anner said the 2- or 3-foot snake bit him a few inches above his ankle.

"He hit me and was gone," Anner said. "I didn't even see him he was so fast."

Anner said the one that bit him in the store parking lot gave no warning rattle.

"I might've stepped on him and disturbed him," Anner said. "They don't like me and I don't like them, but nevertheless, that's what happened."

The World War II veteran has a matter-of-fact attitude now, but he says the pain was intense and his age was a major concern for paramedics.

He's the most senior snakebite victim doctors at the hospital can remember.

"So we always worry about the extremes of age when they get envenomated by a rattlesnake and he's very lucky because he's a very healthy 90-year-old," Dr. Frank LoVecchio said.

"I expect to be back to normal," he said. "Why not? Ninety-one years old. Sure."

As Anner prepared to head home to Quartzsite, he left us with some advice.

"When it starts to rain, pour water in the hole. Naturally, they're going to come up. When they come up and when they see you, you better be careful," he said.

He's still in pain, but doctors say Anner should make a full recovery in a few weeks.