Musician Joshua Craig: Guitar Lessons in Arizona

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From his prolific solo work as a producer, writer, video game music composer, and author to his prominent memberships in many influential groups, Joshua Craig Podolsky has displayed one of the most fiery creative personas of our time and has continually affirmed his stance in the upper echelon of contemporary super guitarists. Equally attention-grabbing as his incendiary chops, his stage show and visual presence remain unique among the rock field.

Originally from Boston, Podolsky now resides in Scottsdale. From 1997 to 2012 he was a top-call session musician in Los Angeles, performing on a collective of over 36 million albums sold. Podolsky then decided to begin his career as a front man, songwriter, and producer, with his Alien Blakk band. Having worked in a live, studio, or session capacity with the likes of Rob Halford, Coolio, Xzibit, Mark Hamill, Motograter, Christina Aguilera, and Dr. Dre as well as members of Megadeth, Fear Factory, Testament, KISS, White Zombie, Type O Negative, Whitesnake, CKY, Flotsam and Jetsam, Earshot, Adema, Soulfly, Murderdolls, Fight, Methods Of Mayhem, Stuck Mojo, Halford, Double Drive, Powerman 5000, Death and Cypress Hill. Podolsky has clearly etched himself a place in music and heavy metal history.

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