Iraq War veterans react to president's speech

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By Christina O'Haver By Christina O'Haver

PHOENIX -- People with ties to the Middle East watched President Barack Obama's speech Wednesday night closely.

"ISIS is a symptom of a deeper problem. You cannot treat that without regime change in Syria," Dr. Zuhdi Jasser told 3TV. Jasser founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, which is based in Phoenix.

Jasser has been advocating air strikes in Syria, where many of his friends and family members still live, for several months.

"Air support is really all the Free Syrian Army needs to knock out both the Assad regime and ISIS," he said.

"We saw the investment we put in there over 10 years and don't want to see that wither away," Jasser added.

Iraq War veterans agree with that notion.

"I lost friends out there, lost a lot of myself out there as well, so it was tough to see (Fallujah fall)," Luis Cardenas Camacho said. The Marine deployed to Iraq three times.

"It's sad not only for us but also for the Iraqi people," he added.

"When we were there, it was difficult to tell who was with you or against you, and it still is," said Corey Harris, who deployed twice with the Army to Iraq.

"What I do know is, it's important to have a set plan in place," he added, referring to the president's speech.

Both veterans who spoke to 3TV Wednesday were relieved to hear, aside from 475 military advisers, no troops would be deployed to the Middle East.

"We're not only a war weary nation, but a war weary military force," Camacho said.