All female fantasy football

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By Joe Farris By Joe Farris

Fantasy football is a sport played by many across America.

The game allows fans to enjoy football in various ways, other than cheering on your own team.

There is nothing like a big comeback victory on a meaningless Monday night game.

Or the thrill of a late garbage time touchdown that helps your fantasy team to victory.

Many people have many teams and often have the same players both going for and going against in their leagues.

Fantasy football is a way to unite solidify friends and many fantasy football players reminisce about a big victory or a horrible defeat that years later, can still irk a player.

Fantasy leagues date as far back as the 1970s and they have evolved with the game ever since.

No league is the same, each can have different amounts of players, different starting roster spots, different scoring and different playoff situations.

Along with the evolution of statistics and keep tracking of those stats, the fantasy players themselves have changed.

Women players slowly entered a male dominated game and now the girls have thrown the boys out.

We found an all-female league here in Phoenix called, A League of Our Own.

These ladies allowed us to video their all-important draft before the season and it was draft unlike any seen done by the guys.

Wine, cheese, dogs and Kardashian strategy were all part of this draft and as you see…it was a lot of fun.