6 Treated at ER in Casa Grande after bee attack

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (AP) -- Six people were treated at a hospital emergency room after a bee attack in Casa Grande resulted in three of the victims having more than 100 stings each.
One victim who had numerous stings had to be sprayed with water to wash off the bees so he could be carried to an ambulance.
However, the Casa Grande Dispatch reports that none of the victims had severe allergic reactions from being stung Tuesday near the Casa Grande Woman's Club, a city-owned historic building.
Fire Department Battalion Chief Tony Lafalce said the bees may have been aggravated by rain and humidity and also set off by vibrations from lawn mowers being used in the area by city workers.
Lafalce said firefighters sprayed foam on the hive to destroy it.