Mom Squad: Recycling and Being Green

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From Suzy

My family is definitely on the higher end of recycling. I started my kids out when they were very young. I have taught my kids from the beginning the importance of recycling and the effects it can have on our planet. I have explained to them just how long things can take to decompose. Just a simple piece of styrofoam can take over 500 to 1000+ years to decompose. A plastic bag or bottle, over 1000 yrs in a land fill.

We try really hard to recycle everything that is recyclable. I'm not 100%, but I try really hard to be as close to it as possible. We don't unfortunately compost, but I do know people who do. I have also taught my children to reuse things when possible. Such as plastic containers, glass jars, microwave containers from some of the frozen foods, etc.

There are so many great ideas and uses for recyclable items. I hope my children continue in the future to recycle and teach their children as well. 

From Laura: 

We do recycle in our home and our recycling can outside is typically twice as full as our trash can. We've taught the boys about what is recyclable, though they sometimes need reminders about plastics making into the right bin. The boys take out the recycling and the trash as part of their jobs, and often comment about how quickly the recycling bin fills up.

A fun field trip for adults and kids is to go and see the recycling centers or transfer stations, where all refuse is collected and sorted. It helps to create a visual awareness of how much trash is collected daily, and serves to motivate us to recycle and do our part for the environment.

We do not waste any food. We have a little hobby farm, and all scraps or leftovers go to our bunnies or our chickens, who in turn give us eggs. Even their egg shells can be crushed up and added to their feed again to increase their calcium intake and help them to lay eggs with stronger's a self sustaining cycle.

From Janet:

The original plan for my property was to be completely self-sustaining.  In face we call it Casa Sostiene.

We have a garden and I do compost.  We watch electric and water consumption very close.

I've been taking classes at the Permaculture Guild of Phoenix to learn about chicken composting, reusing grey water and that type of thing.  WE recyle ALOT in fact we have more in recycle every week then we do garbage so I feel like we are doing a pretty good job.

Suprisingly the one thing that is super expensive in Phoenix and shouldn't be is solar panels.  SO expensive and it's too bad we could run the entire house, pool everthing and send back power to the city if we had the money to put them up.

I always have gotten after my kids about not taking long showers, keeping lights turned off, shut the doors, shut the refrigerator door.  I point out to them if they've thrown something out that is recyclyble.  Because we have alot of animals if there is any "animal" drink water left over that needs to be changed out that water goes to the plants.