Allergy drops can bring relief

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

MESA, Ariz.--  Allergies make many of us miserable at times. And while many devotees go get their allergy shots on a regular basis, some opt for a treatment that doesn't involve a needle.

New relief comes in the form of a simple drop.

"The allergy part of it, some days, you are just sneezing a lot and your nose is just running like a river," said allergy sufferer Ralph Engstrom.

Engstrom took allergy shots, but when his allergies turned into asthma, he wanted something that worked better for him, something he could administer himself at home.

"I couldn't go out and jog and when my asthma was bothering me.  I couldn't run down the street. I couldn't go down to the park and run around with my children, grandchildren," said Engstrom.

He turned to allergy drops as a solution."It takes a few seconds at night to put the drops under the tongue and the tongue is a very special place  It has special cells there that very easily turn the antigen that is presented there into an immune response in the body," said Dr. Stuart Agren of the Family Allergy Clinic in Mesa.

The drops contain the same ingredients as a shot, only Engstrom says they're so much easier. His asthma and his allergies are now under control with a simple drop.

He takes them himself at home--two drops every night before bed. And Dr. Agren says with the recent floods, he expects some irritants to bloom big time.

Allergy drops are usually covered by insurance.