Storm cleanup continues in South Mountain area

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- With the possibility of more rain on the way, people are keeping an eye on the sky, especially for folks concerned about more flooding in the South Mountain area.

After getting hit so hard last month, residents at the base of South Mountain near 27th Avenue and Dobbins aren’t taking any chances, and are doing what they can to brace for more rain.

And near 19th Avenue and Dobbins, people are still cleaning up after the storm. Sterling Watson brought a trailer load full of debris to the dumpster left over from the flooding. "Cleaning up from the flood,” said Watson. “It's the second time in two weeks."

He’s throwing away chunks of cement that once held up his fence posts. He then heads back home to fix the fence. "Replacing like, the door jams, some fencing,” said Watson. "It was barely starting to get repaired from last storm."

He said during Monday's storm, the water almost crept into his home."Tried to come in through the back door," said Watson.

He's just glad the storm didn't cause even more damage here. "Oh never seen anything like that,” said Watson. “Usually you get one and that's the end of it, but then it's like one after another lately."

Near 24th Avenue and Dobbins, homes were in danger of flooding. Neighbors worked together to dig a ditch behind the homes during Monday's storm to keep the water away.

"I think just building, just digging a little deeper, letting the water flow, helped out," said Terry Juarez.

Juarez said she also protected her backyard and back door. "The blocks we put up yesterday early in the morning just trying to keep the water from coming in hoping that would help some," said Juarez.

Juarez said at least one home on the block still took a hit. "The first house was flooded again," said Juarez. But Juarez said it could have been much worse. "We were lucky," said Juarez. "Hopefully stays clear, and we don't get hit by another one," said Matt Martin who lives up the street.